John F. Helliwell


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International Perspectives & Experiences 

Anders Hayden and Jeffrey Wilson

The long road beyond GDP: Common hopes and challenges

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Marco Mira d’Ercole

Ten Years After: From Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi (SSF) to High-Level Expert Group (HLEG)

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Katherine Trebeck

New Measures Making For a New Movement

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Éloi Laurent

Integrating Alternative Indicators in Budgetary Decisions: The Case of France, the European Union, and Finland

Julia C. Kim

Beyond GDP, Beyond Numbers: Reflections on the Experience of Bhutan & GNH

Ian Bache

Wellbeing in British Politics and Policy

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John Talberth

The Genuine Progress Indicator in the United States and Beyond: Evolution and Next Steps

Anita Chandra

Applying Well-being Measurement to Civic Action


An EU and Belgian Perspective on Moving Beyond GDP

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Ron Colman

What Really Counts: In Search of the New Economy from Nova Scotia to Bhutan

Tim Ng

Measuring What Matters: Policy Applications in New Zealand 

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Canadian Perspectives & Experiences 

Chris Barrington Leigh 

Well-being, Sustainability, and Progress: How to Make and Measure Policy

Mark Anielski

Building the New Economy of Well-being: Beyond GDP 

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Bryan Smale

Policy Change from Community to National: Reflections on the Canadian Index of Wellbeing

Danny Graham

Nova Scotia’s quality of life initiative: From wellbeing data to a new narrative to social change

Livia Bizikova, Robert Smith and Kieran MCDougal

Comprehensive wealth in Canada 2018: Measuring what matters in the long run

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Grant Schellenberg

Housing, Neighbourhoods and Well-Being: New Data for Small Areas

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Next Steps at the Federal Government Level

Craig Joyce

Making the Intangible Tangible: Wellbeing Valuation for Public Policy

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Ugo Therien

Measuring Canada’s Efforts to Implement the Sustainable Development Goals

Céo Gaudet

Running the Gauntlet: Pitching Your Beyond-GDP Proposal to Cabinet.

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